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Thomas Boakye Agyemang Writes: Thoughts After The Liberty Professionals vs Asante Kotoko Clash


Kotoko seemingly relaxed right from the start as if they knew they had some two or three goals in the fridge which will come later.

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Razak Abalora is a good goalkeeper despite some mistakes. He will make the mistake but soon churn out a serious save which will make you forget the bad deeds. He could have done better with the goal conceded.

The Kotoko defence is the best in the league and I wish Ismail Abdul-Ganiu stays around for a longer period. The defence is built around him and he continuously keep improving,even adding goalscoring to his capabilities . No wonder Kotoko suffered to sign him finally, after three years.

Captain Emmanuel Gyamfi was supposed to start the match but had to watch from the stands later ,I think it destabilised Barreto a bit and affected how he approached the game.

Barreto pulled a master stroke with the changes at halftime. He pulled out Ibrahim Osman and Augustine Okrah, bringing in Samuel Frimpong and Sarfo Taylor, then within minutes later pulled out Mubarik a central defender for Anabila a midfielder, thereby pulling Habib Mohammed to pair Ganiyu at the central defence, that was beautiful as Kotoko started controlling the game and eventually getting the equaliser. Barreto knows what he is doing but oha adwen kakra. Kudos to Kotoko leaders as we march on, just get all rough edges polished behind the scenes and Kotoko is clinching a trophy again.

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Evans Owusu left Kotoko not getting a chance to play, joined Liberty and scored against the Fabulous club today. He failed to celebrate, we know why. I wish players take their chances and do better when they get the chance to play for Kotoko. It’s sad to see such players wasted but when they perform elsewhere ,I ask why then did you fail at Kotoko . It’s football, however, all the best to such guys.

I wish Kotoko had all 3 points but Liberty did well and I’m okay they had a point. Dansoman Kotoko must survive and stay in the league ,they keep producing great talents for Ghana.

Few scuffles around the venue right from the gates because of the fees through the stands due to officiating and all but hey,football is for peace so let’s remember Pele’s beautiful game is fair play and must be played on a level field .

Match referees? We must improve more, it shall be well.

The Kotoko team must still improve and the players are aware especially goalscoring ,we need to be clinical and ruthless. The reason it excites me whenever I see Felix Annan around the team. He is a leader and you can feel there is authority,respect and power even when he is on the bench . He knows the Kotoko thing and easy steps in to talk to his colleagues when needed. That’s good.

Kotoko supporters are lovely people. What a family we have especially those who follow the team to away matches. We fight ,we argue and all that but real Kotoko fans will do everything to help their team and the journey to Sogakope was beautiful seeing them travel all the way to support the team. Though we have the usual abayisem and nhwehw3animuu in Kotoko with few gossips which draw us back, the club remains the best and it’s time to show that support more and help the club you love. IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A FABULOIS SUPPORTER…

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